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VMECA Vacuum Pumps

Offering the latest integration of the latest vacuum technology and innovation, we introduce our VMECA air driven vacuum pumps. VMECA vacuum pumps allow you to maximize your productivity by giving the necessary vacuum flow and level. The wide range of VMECA vacuum pumps allows OEMs and manufacturers to select a pump fitted for their applications.

VMECA Cartridge Integrated Pumps
These pumps provide reliable vacuum flow and vacuum level at fluctuating air pressure due to the VMECA patent vacuum Cartridge.

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Stackable Vacuum Pumps
These advanced vacuum pumps can be staked as individual pumps according to their different sizes. Integrated Air & Vacuum Release Control Valves, Vacuum Switch, Filter, and Blow-Off function.

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Classic Stackable Vacuum Pumps
These models use individual pumps to make up the complete unit, each pump is in itself a multi stage ejector unit and can be stacked to together thus creating a modular manifold based system.

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Classic Pumps
These pumps are the most commonly used pump. They come in a large range of size. These pumps are available with voltage, vacuum switch, valve, valve terminal, and sealing material which all come in different types that can be chosen according to your application needs.

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Mini Pumps
These are compact and light weight design.  Although they are smallest pumps they use a Multi Stage Ejector principle for generating the vacuum.  These pumps can be mounted locally to the vacuum requirement, even directly onto the back of suction cups.

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Dual, Triple & Quad Classic Pump
These pumps are Classic Pumps put together to make a larger pump. These pumps produces the very highest flow rates, as the name denotes all the pumps uses a large bore common vacuum port with port sizes up to 2".  This type of pump has many applications but is particularly useful for high leakage systems, porous material is centerising vacuum system and large vacuum circuits.

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Mega Pump
The largest compressed air-driven vacuum pump on the market place that is comparatively compact and light weight.  This pump mainly for the application wherever larger air volume to be evacuated or to compensate for the leakage flow must remarkable application for this pump will be in conveying system for granules, transferring bulk materials.

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Air Amplifier & Conveying Pumps
These pumps provide a reliable and cost effective solution for in line product transfer, particularly for transferring bulk materials, granules, continuous strips and powders. Like the VTRA the pump has a straight through design, hence they are non-clogging and maintenance free. High flows can be achieved with in line bore sizes up to 1 1/2".

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Mega PM Pumps

• Maintains vacuum despite fluctuations and drops in air pressure.
• Various connection ports available.
• Fast evacuation time.
• Optional Air-Saving Kit (AS-KIT) available to minimize energy consumption.
• Strong aluminum body.

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